Switching in BDSM

Switching is a dynamic and multifaceted role within the BDSM community, allowing individuals to experience both dominance and submission in various scenarios. This class aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of switching, covering its psychological, emotional, and practical aspects. Participants will explore the unique challenges and rewards of switching, learn… Read more“Switching in BDSM”

Distant Dominance: Mastering Long-Distance BDSM Dynamics

This class delves into the intricacies of maintaining and thriving in long-distance BDSM relationships. Designed for individuals and couples who are navigating or interested in exploring BDSM dynamics from afar, the class offers comprehensive guidance on building strong, consensual, and fulfilling connections despite physical separation. Through a blend of theoretical… Read more“Distant Dominance: Mastering Long-Distance BDSM Dynamics”