Where to start in D/s

Time: 90 minute block or 2 ½ hours

Demo: No

Type: Lecture  

Handout: No


Description: So you’re a new Sub/slave/bottom Top/Dom to the lifestyle, but have no idea how to train or where to start? Come and sit in this interactive class where you will have the pleasure of meeting a submissive of 21 years who resides with her Master 24/7 who has been the Master of his house for 21 years, and his Wife who started out as his submissive, then slave then to slave wife, after 13 years of service he elevated her to his equal and made her Lady of the house and then after 5 years of being an equal she has now discovered her little side and is no longer the “Lady” of the house, however A Midnight Angel now serves as her Master’s Alpha and helps manage the house.  So come and learn how you can grow within your dynamic and make those changes if needed.