Introduction to Conflict Resolution

This class provides an essential overview of conflict resolution, offering individuals or power exchange relationships a foundational understanding of the theories, strategies, and skills necessary to effectively manage and resolve conflicts in various settings.

Through a blend of theoretical frameworks and practical applications, we will explore the nature and causes of conflict, the role of communication in conflict dynamics, and the processes for achieving peaceful and constructive outcomes.

Key Topics:

The nature and types of conflict

Communication skills for conflict management

Conflict analysis and assessment tools

Negotiation and mediation techniques

Cultural and ethical considerations in conflict resolution
Case studies in interpersonal, organizational, and international conflict

Learning Objectives:

Identify and analyze the underlying causes and dynamics of conflicts.

Apply key conflict resolution theories to real-world situations.

Develop effective communication strategies for managing and resolving conflicts.

Utilize negotiation and mediation techniques to facilitate constructive outcomes.

Recognize the impact of cultural and ethical factors in conflict resolution.